December 15-31: In Paris – «Rencontre Norvège-Algérie» in progress. Check back for news
November 2: Awarded the Norwegian Fund For Performing Artists  www.ffuk.no
November: In New York City working on a new album
October 26: New Music and Rock Pixie Records releases Miriam Aziz new album Tránsito
October 9: Dar-es-Salaam featuring choreographer Roberto Salaorni by Miriam Aziz . Music from On Club (2008) by Malika

August 16: Staging the MELA Festival with Miriam Aziz www.horisont.org, Oslo, Norway
June 25 – 30: Preproduction in Paris, France: Global Music Network enters Algeria
May & June: Mixing and mastering Miriam Aziz new album Transito @ Oslo Mastering, Oslo, Norway
May: Mixing and mastering Women’s Voice’ new album Dodoma @ Oslo Mastering, Oslo, Norway
March 16: Departure for Helsinki, Finland – ”New Era of Nordic Cultural Cooperation
March 13: Concert at Vanløse Kulturhus – Copenhagen, Denmark. Guests: Frøy Aagre (sax), Øystein Bergsvik (drums) and Mounira Yagoubi (dance).
March 13: Concert at Klaverfabrikken – Hillerød, Denmark. Guests: Frøy Aagre (sax), Øystein Bergsvik (drums) and Mounira Yagoubi (dance).
March 08: Konsert på Dokkhuset – Trondheim, Norway. Guests: Frøy Aagre (sax), Øystein Bergsvik (drums) and Mounira Yagoubi (dance).
Photos: Malika Makouf Rasmussen, Mounira Yagoubi and Øystein Bergsvik @ Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway -by Kjell Kristiansen ©

MalikaMounira YagoubiØystein Bergsvik
February 26: Staging Dattera til Hagen, Oslo, Norway with Line Peter releasing  her new album Tell Me How The Story Goes. Hosted by Global Oslo Music
February 23: New Music is pleased to announce the release of Line Peters new album Tell me how the story goes, available in shops and online
February 20: Staging by:Larm with Line Peters www.bylarm.no

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