December 9: Two years of urban travel, now the album is here: Urbanized is Malika Makouf Rasmussen’s third solo-album. The music mirrors two years continuous travel to cities in various continents; getting close to different environments on their home ground has given access and insight into human creativity as it unfolds in all its fascinating continuity – whether it is in Havanna or Paris, Algiers or Los Angeles. Release concert at Dattera til Hagen 9. desember, Oslo, Norway, hosted by Global Oslo Music
Line up: Malika Makouf Rasmussen – bass, percussion, vocal, Hannah Wozene Kvam – vocal, Fethawit Hakin – records, vocal, Rafael Soriano – vocal, Tommy Berre – guitar, Ketil Kielland Lund – keys, Øystein Bergsvik – trommer, Daniel Glaister – sound, DJ Dominic Reuben
August: Final mix done, new album Urbanized to be released on December 6th.
August 7: Performing at MELA, Oslo, Norway www.horisont.org
June 9-19: In Algeria doing research for a new Global Music Network project.
June 7: is invited by the Minister of Culture in Norway to debate the arts and culture: On new contexts andknowledge www.regjeringen.no/kud
May 28: Staging «Sound of Oslo» at Rådhusplassen
April: Memeber of the Folkelarm jury 2010. www.folkmusic.no
February 14: Performing  with Hannah Wozene Kvam at the “New Nordic Art” vernissage, Oslo, Norway. Titled “New Nordic Art”, the Vernissage and Art Exhibition recognizes immigrant artists residing in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It features the work of individuals who have moved to the Nordics from other countries, the exhibition will, through their paintings, photographs and sculptures, present a new and emerging Nordic identity. With this exhibition, Leadership Foundation strives to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of immigrant art, stimulating dialog and reflection within different cultural perspectives in the artistic world and our society today. www.leadershipfoundation.no
January 27: Staging Kulturtorget, Molde, Norway, with Hannah Wozene Kvam and Fethawit Hakin.
January 1-15: “Rencontre Norvège-Algérie” in progress

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