November-December: Rehearsals for the new piece Entre deux: a multi-disciplinary piece on duality containing circus arts, music, sound design, dance and video arts. Written by Tarzana Foures, Maud Payen, Mathieu Antajan, Grégoire Puren and Emmanuel Oger. Music by Malika and Mia Delmaë. Premiere set to January 2015. Produced  by Le jour se leve.

Entre deux @ work: Tarzana Foures, Maud Payen, Mathieu Antajan, Grégoire Puren

October 11: Global Oslo Music presents the premiere of San Francisco Auditorium by Malika; music and sound design, and Ken Furudate; video art and sound design.
In 2013 Malika met the international touring renowned artist, programmer and designer Ken Furudate (Kyoto) in Tunisia. « San Francisco Auditorium » is the result of a fruitful artistic encounter that took place between them. The piece embraces hybrid musical and visual identities. Its very essence is the incorporation of various cultural traits as a challenge to the myth of singular and absolute representation.
Line up:
Malika; strings, percussion, sound design
Ken Furudate; video art, sound design
Safaa Al-Saadi; nai and percussion
Ketil Kielland Lund; keys and flugelhorn
Luis Landa-Schreitt; drums and percussion
Place: Cafeteatret, Hollendergata 8 // 9pm // cc. 120


Samples from San Francisco Auditorium

September 27: Concert with Becaye Aw at St. Jean, 23 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris / 9pm / cc. 10€
Becaye began his musical career in Senegal, playing with musicians such as Mansuur Seck and Baaba Maal. He has since collaborated with a large number of artists,
among those: Ablaye Cissoko, Women’s Voice, Kouame Sereba, Steinar Ofsdal, King Ibu, Ali Fraka Toure, Olav Torget, Unni Løvlid, Haddy N’jie and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm.

In Paris he will present music from his acclaimed album Sibi, featuring Malika strings, percussion) and Murielle Lantignac (vocal).
Work in progress in Nanterre, Île-de-France: Circus arts, music, sound design, dance and video arts in the new piece Entre deux by Tarzana Foures, Maud Payen, Mathieu Antajan, Grégoire Puren, Emmanuel Oger, Malika and Mia Delmaë (music). To premiere January 2015.

Preproduction and finalizing the San Francisco Auditorium project.
April 4-6: At The European Independent Film Festival as a member of the Women-In-Film-In-Music team: A network and blog for persons interested in film, music and the role of women in the business of entertainment. This includes producers, directors, technical specialists and performing artists in the film and music industries. The key objective of the blog is to be a source for networking, understanding and acting on issues and barriers for the success of women participating in film and music.

March 19-21: Arts Council Norway committee meeting in Oslo. I am humbled to have been re-elected head of the committee for two more years. Read more
March 10: The Nordic Culture Event of the Year committee meeting in Copenhagen; in support of its focus on digital art and culture, the Nordic Culture Fund has earmarked DKK 3 million for the Nordic Cultural Event of the Year, DIGITAL 2015–2016. I’m thrilled to chair the jury. Read more

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