December: The launching Montmartre Moments -a product of Global Paris Arts. Montmartre Moments will present voices that move above ground and underground from a wide range of cultural and artistic expressions and forms. Follow us at Facebook: Global Paris Arts
Dec 21: Graduated with an MA in Philosophy, University of Oslo
Dec 07: Awarded the 2011 Kardemommestipendiet by NOPA – The Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists
November 25-29: “The Red City” at The 4th Camagüey International Video Arts Festival in Cuba
Oct 06-07: Staging Global Oslo Music with Bonfire Madigan Shive www.globaloslomusic.com
September 10: “The Red City” main screen at New Screen_New Castle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTySXwK2mmU
September 26: Dancers  in Rome, Italy using music from the album Exit Cairo (2006) by Malika / interpretation by Sara Bertoglio / choreography by Roberto Salaorni

May 13-14: “The Red City” at Cologne Off : Szczecin, Poland & St. Petersburg
April 13: The album Urbanized (2010) listed at FIP – Radio France
March 14: “The Red City” by Sabina Jacobsson, music by Malika at Goethe Institute, Kiev, www.coff.newmediafest.org. The piece is a part of a video work made for the relase of  the album On Club (2008) that gained  Honourable Mention at  the Oslo Screen Festival in 2010. It has been screened at festivals in Norway, Lebanon, Sweden, India, Portugal and Greec. Coming up next:  New Screen Newcastle in September – www.screenfestival.no

The Red City

March 7: The Arts Council Norway purchased 555 copies of  Urbanized to be distributed in libraries, universities and through cultur exchange programs abroad, www.kulturrad.no/tildelinger/musikk/innkjopsordningen-for-musikk/2011

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