Finalizing music for Spoon by Laila Pakalnina, a close up on the horrific production of plastic and the use of it.
To be aired in 2019.

November: In «De sekundære» - an article in Hårsår magazine 3th edition, I’m raising the question why artists from the South
aren’t visible in Norwegian media.

August- December: Lecturing in Philosophy  and History of Art at Gateway, Paris

March-: «Spoon» – composing music for a new documentary, commissioned by Mechanix Film.
Plastic forks, knives and spoons may be convenient but how to make them and what are the consequences when you throw that away?
To be aired in 2019.

February-May: Lecturing in Philosophy at Gateway, Paris

February 2: «Hva er status»; – Something is wrong in the Norwegian art world, do I claim, fighting structural racism in the art world.

January 25: Delivering a speech at Buskerud kulturkonferanse 2018 i Kongsberg:  On institutional racism in the art world.

January: Curating 6 new commissions for Global Oslo Music to premiere at Global Nights in Oslo 25-27 May



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