December: The launching Montmartre Moments -a product of Global Paris Arts. Montmartre Moments will present voices that move above ground and underground from a wide range of cultural and artistic expressions and forms. Follow us at Facebook: Global Paris Arts
Dec 21: Graduated with an MA in Philosophy, University of Oslo
Dec 07: Awarded the 2011 Kardemommestipendiet by NOPA – The Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists
November 25-29: “The Red City” at The 4th Camagüey International Video Arts Festival in Cuba
Oct 06-07: Staging Global Oslo Music with Bonfire Madigan Shive www.globaloslomusic.com
September 10: “The Red City” main screen at New Screen_New Castle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTySXwK2mmU
September 26: Dancers  in Rome, Italy using music from the album Exit Cairo (2006) by Malika / interpretation by Sara Bertoglio / choreography by Roberto Salaorni

May 13-14: “The Red City” at Cologne Off : Szczecin, Poland & St. Petersburg
April 13: The album Urbanized (2010) listed at FIP – Radio France
March 14: “The Red City” by Sabina Jacobsson, music by Malika at Goethe Institute, Kiev, www.coff.newmediafest.org. The piece is a part of a video work made for the relase of  the album On Club (2008) that gained  Honourable Mention at  the Oslo Screen Festival in 2010. It has been screened at festivals in Norway, Lebanon, Sweden, India, Portugal and Greec. Coming up next:  New Screen Newcastle in September – www.screenfestival.no

The Red City

March 7: The Arts Council Norway purchased 555 copies of  Urbanized to be distributed in libraries, universities and through cultur exchange programs abroad, www.kulturrad.no/tildelinger/musikk/innkjopsordningen-for-musikk/2011


December 9: Two years of urban travel, now the album is here: Urbanized is Malika Makouf Rasmussen’s third solo-album. The music mirrors two years continuous travel to cities in various continents; getting close to different environments on their home ground has given access and insight into human creativity as it unfolds in all its fascinating continuity – whether it is in Havanna or Paris, Algiers or Los Angeles. Release concert at Dattera til Hagen 9. desember, Oslo, Norway, hosted by Global Oslo Music
Line up: Malika Makouf Rasmussen – bass, percussion, vocal, Hannah Wozene Kvam – vocal, Fethawit Hakin – records, vocal, Rafael Soriano – vocal, Tommy Berre – guitar, Ketil Kielland Lund – keys, Øystein Bergsvik – trommer, Daniel Glaister – sound, DJ Dominic Reuben
August: Final mix done, new album Urbanized to be released on December 6th.
August 7: Performing at MELA, Oslo, Norway www.horisont.org
June 9-19: In Algeria doing research for a new Global Music Network project.
June 7: is invited by the Minister of Culture in Norway to debate the arts and culture: On new contexts andknowledge www.regjeringen.no/kud
May 28: Staging «Sound of Oslo» at Rådhusplassen
April: Memeber of the Folkelarm jury 2010. www.folkmusic.no
February 14: Performing  with Hannah Wozene Kvam at the “New Nordic Art” vernissage, Oslo, Norway. Titled “New Nordic Art”, the Vernissage and Art Exhibition recognizes immigrant artists residing in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It features the work of individuals who have moved to the Nordics from other countries, the exhibition will, through their paintings, photographs and sculptures, present a new and emerging Nordic identity. With this exhibition, Leadership Foundation strives to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of immigrant art, stimulating dialog and reflection within different cultural perspectives in the artistic world and our society today. www.leadershipfoundation.no
January 27: Staging Kulturtorget, Molde, Norway, with Hannah Wozene Kvam and Fethawit Hakin.
January 1-15: “Rencontre Norvège-Algérie” in progress


December 15-31: In Paris – «Rencontre Norvège-Algérie» in progress. Check back for news
November 2: Awarded the Norwegian Fund For Performing Artists  www.ffuk.no
November: In New York City working on a new album
October 26: New Music and Rock Pixie Records releases Miriam Aziz new album Tránsito
October 9: Dar-es-Salaam featuring choreographer Roberto Salaorni by Miriam Aziz . Music from On Club (2008) by Malika

August 16: Staging the MELA Festival with Miriam Aziz www.horisont.org, Oslo, Norway
June 25 – 30: Preproduction in Paris, France: Global Music Network enters Algeria
May & June: Mixing and mastering Miriam Aziz new album Transito @ Oslo Mastering, Oslo, Norway
May: Mixing and mastering Women’s Voice’ new album Dodoma @ Oslo Mastering, Oslo, Norway
March 16: Departure for Helsinki, Finland – ”New Era of Nordic Cultural Cooperation
March 13: Concert at Vanløse Kulturhus – Copenhagen, Denmark. Guests: Frøy Aagre (sax), Øystein Bergsvik (drums) and Mounira Yagoubi (dance).
March 13: Concert at Klaverfabrikken – Hillerød, Denmark. Guests: Frøy Aagre (sax), Øystein Bergsvik (drums) and Mounira Yagoubi (dance).
March 08: Konsert på Dokkhuset – Trondheim, Norway. Guests: Frøy Aagre (sax), Øystein Bergsvik (drums) and Mounira Yagoubi (dance).
Photos: Malika Makouf Rasmussen, Mounira Yagoubi and Øystein Bergsvik @ Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway -by Kjell Kristiansen ©

MalikaMounira YagoubiØystein Bergsvik
February 26: Staging Dattera til Hagen, Oslo, Norway with Line Peter releasing  her new album Tell Me How The Story Goes. Hosted by Global Oslo Music
February 23: New Music is pleased to announce the release of Line Peters new album Tell me how the story goes, available in shops and online
February 20: Staging by:Larm with Line Peters www.bylarm.no


December 14/Jan 2009: In Havana, Cuba: New album in progress
December 03-07: Recording Miriam Aziz’ new album in Oslo, produced by Malika
December 03-07: Recording Transito
November 26-28: Mixing Line Peter’s album in Oslo, Norway http://www.myspace.com/linepeters
November 05-11: Studio sessions with Line Peters in Oslo. Produced by Malika
October 24: Performing with Women’s Voice at Smeltedigelen, Mo i Rana, Norway web
October 23: On stage with Women’s Voice at Innvik, Oslo, Norway, hosted by World Beats and
Global Oslo Music
September 24: Live at Borg v.g.s., Sarpsborg, Norway, hosted by Østfold fylkeskommune, Norway
September 19: Live at Halden v.g.s., Askim, Norway, hosted by Østfold fylkeskommune, Norway
September 15: Live at Askim v.g.s., Askim, Norway, hosted by Østfold fylkeskommune, Norway
August 26-september 11: Tour in Møre og Romsdal, Norway, hosted by Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Norway
August 23: Live at MELA, Rådhusplassen, Oslo, Norway
July 23: Concert with Miriam Aziz in Prato, Italia web
June-July: On Club aired on Stuart Bedasso Show, UK web
June 19: «Fête de la musique»-performance at The french cultural centre in Oslo, Norway web
June: Exit Cairo listed on Air France’s inflight entertainment programme and at Radio Public in the Czech Republic
May 25: «Hail the Queens» at Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway, hosted by Afrikan History Week web
Line up: PAWA, Mounira Yagoubi, Busi Ncube, S. Pearl Sharp, Malika Makouf Rasmussen, Susana Baca, Hannah Wozene Kvam, DJ Brighteyes, Haddy N’Jie
May 15: Releasing the album On Club at  Dattera til Hagen, Oslo, Norway, hosted by Global Oslo Music
March 03-14: Tour in Møre og Romsdal, Norway, hosted by Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Norway
January 21-28: The album Exit Cairo (2006) aired on Stuart Bedasso Show, UK web
January 07-20: Tour in Møre og Romsdal, Norway, hosted by Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Norway


December 28: Participation in a documentary on women musicians by Kamerafilm, Italy for European broadcating, directed by Maria Martinelli
December 27: Live at Palazzo dei Congressi, Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy
December: “Mon regard” from the album Exit Cairo aired at Stuart Bedasso Show, UK
November 21: Performing with Hannah Wozene Kvam, Ålesund, Norway
October 22/November 2: Touring with Women’s Voice, Norway & Denmark web
November 21: Recording session with Charles Mena, Oslo, Norway web
September: Recording session with Bertine Zetlitz, Oslo, Norway
September 07: Live at Galleri Texas, Ås, Norway
June: Recording session with Haddy N’Jie for her new album Welcome Home 
June: Composing music for “Avsløring av sløret” -multimedia show directed by Corinne Campos, Norway
June: Producing Miriam Aziz’s debut We’re Inside Out
March 15: Live at Vinterfestuka, Narvik, Norway
March 8: Live at Katti, Fredrikstad, Norway
February 14: Live at The Norwegian Ministry of Culture conference at Cosmopolite, Oslo, Norway
February 13: Live at Belleville, Oslo, Norway
January 26: Live at Kulturtorget, Molde, Norway
January 08-23: Touring Nordland, Norway, hosted by Rikskonsertene


St. Jean, Paris, France, 2014
Cafeteatret, Oslo, Norway, 2014
Théâtre «les rendez-vous d’ailleurs», Paris, France, 2013
Théâtre «les rendez-vous d’ailleurs», Paris, France, 2013
Cafeteatret, Oslo, Norway, 2013
Cafeteatret, Oslo, Norway, 2012
Tankeranglingfestivalen, Stokke, Norway, 2012
Montmartre Moments, Paris, 2011
Dattera til Hagen, Oslo, 2011
Dattera til Hagen, Oslo, 2010
Kulturtorget, Molde, Norway, 2010
Utdanningsforbundet, Oslo, Norway, 2009
MELA-festivalen, Oslo, Norway, 2009
Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød, Denmark, 2009
Vanløse Kulturhus, København, Denmark, 2009
Etnoforum, Trondheim, Norway, 2009
Dattera til Hagen, Oslo, Norway, 2009
By:Larm, Oslo, Norway, 2009
Godmorgen Norge, TV2, Oslo, Norway, 2009
Strand, NRK 2, Norway, 2009
Smeltedigelen, Mo i Rana, Norway, 2008
World Café, Oslo, Norway, 2008
Den kulturelle skolesekken, Østfold fylkeskommune, Norway, 2008
Den kulturelle skolesekken, Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Norway, 2008
The MELA FEstival, Oslo, Norway, 2007/2008/2010
Womajazz, Prato, Italiy, 2008
Global Oslo Music, Oslo, Norway, 2008
Smeltedigelen, Mo i Rana, Norway, 2008
Innvik, Oslo, Norway, 2008
Vanløse kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008
Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød, Denmark, 2008
Womajazz, Salsomaggiore Terme, Italiy, 2007
Skolekonsertordningen, Rikskonsertene, Oslo, Norway, 2006, 2007
BIKS-festival, Bergen, Norway, 2007
Vanløse kulturhus, København, Denmark, 2007
Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød, Denmark, 2007
MS Innvik, Oslo, Norway, 2007
GalleriTexas, Ås, Norway, 2007
Union Scene, Drammen, Norway, 2007
Vinterfestuka i Narvik, Norway, 2007
Cosmopolite, Oslo, Norway, 2007
Urban World Festival, Oslo, Norway, 2007

Angola: Luanda
Denmark: Hillerød, København, Vanløse
France: Garges les Gonesse, Lyon, La Rochelle, Paris, Tignes, Tours
Italy: Salsomaggiore Terme, Prato
Israel: Tel Aviv
Kosovo: Pristina
Macedonia: Skopje
Morocco: Taroudan
Mozambic: Maputo
Netherlands: Rotterdam
Norway: Aure, Bergen, Brønnøysund, Bø i Telemark, Drammen, Fauske, Fredrikstad, Gjøvik, Hallingdal, Hamar, Haugesund, Harstad, Karasjok, Kristiansund, Lillehammer, Lillestrøm, Lofoten, Mo i Rana, Molde, Narvik, Numedal, Oslo, Stavanger, Strømmen, Skodje, Sunndalsøra, Surnadal, Steigen, Tingvoll, Trondheim, Tromsø, Ulsteinvik, Valsøyfjord, Ålesund, Ål, Ås m.fl.
Switzerland: Géneve, Neuchâtel
Sweden: Stockholm, Umeå, Västerås
Tanzania: Dar Es Salaam
Turkey: Istanbul
Germany: Berlin, Nürnberg
USA: New York City
Zimbabwe: Bulawayo, Harare